HFM Firmware Changelog

Changes in Heally Flash Master firmware:

5.52 (rev:1865)

  • HFMUSB connect disables automatic USB mass storage media
    • disables annoying window popup when HFMUSB.exe is running
  • Bad byte Bug in PC<->HFM communication fixed
  • Hardware error code saved in backup register and written to log file on next start
  • Power on minutes
  • USB Reset in Data online mode when no data from Host in 30 sec
  • Better support for µSDHC >= 4 GB: Lab file size max to 2GB
  • Fix NewLCD status for SAT 27 and 28
  • Check USB voltage > 4 Volt

5.50 (rev:1697)

  • ANT+ HRM supported, requres ANT+ Module instead of POLAR
  • Faster startup with FAT32 MicroSD card (FAT read for free space check)
  • Fix NTC table entry for 19°C
  • Humi sensor (SHT21) fixes
  • Fix Error when enabling ACC3D from 0 Hz
  • Fix MSC Linux compatibility

5.46 (rev:1283)

  • Start Button can restart HFM when switched off using USB or external power
  • 1.8 MBaud for Heally RS485 bus (experimental)
  • Reduce current in 29.5 MHz mode when USB is not used
  • Reduce current in Master off

5.45 (rev: 1190)

  • Fix slave power ramp-up for 7,3 MHz clock

5.44 (rev: 1176)

  • Option to switch off HFM on USB/external Battery disconnect, see HFM - USB disconnect
  • Support NL2010 variant with RN131 WLAN
  • USB data vs. external battery detection: new method

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