Handling of Configuration Files


Basic Philosophy

Configuration files are stored by default in the Folder Healthlab\HL5\Config. There are normally some ini-Files:

  • Filter.ini (used by Filter definition)
  • SATnnn-kkk.ini (Defintion of properties of a satellite)

Furthermore the Config-folder includes the file "zipHeally.zip". This file is containing properties of the most configuration dialogs. See Control panel of Configuration dialogs further down. Handling of the content of zipHeally.zip is supported by "hl5cc-->Backup and Restore". It can be used to transfer configuration files from one computer to another.


Deployment of Configuration files using zipUpdate.zip

 A special mechanism is implemented to import configuration files. It based of a zip-file "zipUdate.zip". Normally the user gets such a file from Spacebit or by internet download. Such file has to be coppied into the Config-folder by user. The next start of "HL5_Heally" or "HLExplorer" will importing all configuration files from zipUpdate.zip into zipHeally.zip.



Control panel of Configuration dialogs

Many dialogs offer to load and to store individual settings. This happens with control panel in the bottom part of the according dialog („Config-Frame“).



Structure of the dialog window:

  A new name can be entered (or a available selected) withConfiguration Name.

 The setting of new name can be done by direct entering into the box Configuration Name or with the pull-down menu Options --> New Config.

 Clicking the Store Config button will save the settings with their according name. Clicking the OK button will close the dialog and a possibly following event will take place. An available configuration can be loaded by selecting the according name in the pull-down menu at the Configuration Name box and clicking the Load Config button.


Note: All configurations are stored into the file: „zipHeally.zip“.


The pull-down menu labelled Options contains furhter functions referencing deleting, as well as export and import of configurations:


New Config

Another way of entering the name of a new configuration.


Import Config

Opens the dialog „Import Configuration File“ for importing settings from an available file.

 Note: Every dialog is associated with an individual file extension (e.g. „.exdox“).


Export Config

Opens the dialog „Export Configuration File“, for saving the settings in an external file.


Delete Config

Attention: Deletes the settings referenced by name in Configuration Name box.




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