HFM USB Driver

Reinstallation of HFM Driver in WIN10

 If windows offers the connection to HFM by a COM-Port, please reinstall HFM driver.

Attention:  HFM connected to USB-Port can not be detected by "Search Masters" !

"Search Masters" looks only for masters using a classic Bluetooth connection


1. Disconnect HFM

2. Download and copy actual driver "InstHfmUSBDriver.exe"   to   ⁄Healthlab⁄HL5/Driver/InstHfmUSBDriver.exe

3. Remove directory (if exists)  ⁄Healthlab⁄HL5/Driver/HFMUSBZ

4. Execute InstHfmUSBDriver.exe in directory ⁄Healthlab⁄HL5/Driver

5. Reboot

6. Connect the HFM by USB port

7. "Heally Control" --> "Select Master": HFM should appear at automatically

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